There are many advantages gained by working with contracting.
Contractors can offer businesses the exact skills required. By contracting through JRP you will be able to reduce your staff costs (by saving on direct wages costs, superannuation, tax, annual/sick leave on-costs and other associated overheads), but still have readily available at all times the expertise you require.
It can be very expensive to hire an employee and very difficult to fire an employee, but you do not have to worry about this when contracting. In addition, through JRP the hours can be flexible to suit your needs, and the work can be performed at a location of your choice.
The right knowledge and experience
Many times a contractor can bring best practices to a client business simply through having the right knowledge and experience. Using the experience of JRP can help you run your business better and smarter. JRP can look after all of your bookkeeping, general accounting and other business needs, thus allowing you more time to do what you do best ÔÇô run your business!
JRP is not a large corporate organisation, and can therefore offer a range of low price options to suit your particular needs. For example, by combining your bookkeeping, payroll and accounting roles into one, JRP is able to offer you a complete service package at very competitive prices.
JRP can offer the personal services that many large organisations are not able to offer. Contact JRP to discuss any of your needs. The initial consultation is FREE of charge.